What motivates us. In autumn 2011, crisis talk dominated media and politics. At the time, we lived in Paris, Rome and Berlin respectively and felt that the crisis was only debated in national contexts. More severely, the question of where Europe is heading was not posed. Especially with regard to our generation in other European countries, we were clueless – despite Erasmus, EasyJet and simultaneous “indignation”. Have our political discussions europeanised – or globalised already? Are young people just interested if their nation-state is affected? In what way are recent protests expressing euro-scepticism or euro-optimism? What has the peaceful exchange among young Europeans brought? How do they differ from their parents in their identification with Europe? The crucial questions, in brief: How does the European youth perceive the European project?

What we do. From March 20th until June 1st, we are travelling through more than 20 European countries, both EU and non-EU. Going by car, we will drive approximately 15,000 kilometres in ten weeks. In each city, we talk to the young in order to find out about their “vision for Europe”, no matter if they are students, working or without a clue what to do in their lives. We find them in the streets and places of European cities, through discussion rounds organised in advance with the help of fellow Europeans or by approaching representatives of youth organisations. Apart from that, we also interview politicians, journalists, and scholars in order to get a better grasp of what is going on in the respective country.

How we publish. Everything we hear and experience is constantly commented on our blog and discussed on our Facebook page. Beyond that, we regularly publish articles during the journey with our media partners, e.g. The European and Europe&Me. After our return to Germany, we will publish a written report about our findings and also produce a film documentary of what we have experienced. Have a look at a some of the film material on our “videos” page.

Who we are. Euroskop is a private initiative independent of any academic institution or media. We are three German students who recently graduated from the Philosophy & Economics programme at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. We are European, but Euroskop is certainly no promotion tour for the EU. It is because of our interest in politics and journalism that we consider these questions  crucial to our generation’s political reality.

Keep in mind: “Youth wants to be described in order to have the chance to be completely different.” (after Jean-Paul Sartre)

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