Into the Blue?

With many thanks to the Open Society Foundations (European Policy Institute Brussels) and all our supporters we would like to share our final report with you. It features 7 key messages from our trip and reviews the most memorable interviews. Enjoy reading and all the best for 2013!

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Some thoughts by Euroskop on Deutsche Welle Radio!

Several weeks ago, Euroskop was interviewed by Deutsche Welle. Listen here.

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Euroskop in German national weekly ZEIT

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about our trip which appeared in German weekly DIE ZEIT (printed version 06.09.2012).  It is now also available online.

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Back in Town

Back in Berlin, we would like to thank our car sponsor Alfred Krauthahn Berlin as well as the Philosophy & Economics Förderverein, and the University of Bayreuth for lending us technical equipment. We’re also looking forward to publishing our report with the Open Society Institute–Brussels who offered generous support, and to making a video documentary.

Sadly, we have to say farewell our car Tommy who was the most reliable member of the team. This post is dedicated to him.

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Presentation and Discussion of Euroskop’s Results

10 weeks, 15 000 kilometers, 200 interviews, 5000 photos and videos. What have we found? Come and join the discussion at PZB Stiftung Mercator, moderated by Dr. Alexander Görlach (The European). Afterwards wine and pretzel.

Monday, 04.06.2012, 18:00 – 19:30h.

ProjektZentrum Berlin der Stiftung Mercator
Neue Promenade 6
10178 Berlin

Looking forward to seeing you. *E

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Love thy neighbour

The ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm is a party boat, we were told. Profiting from the toll free zone, people buy tickets only for a few beers on the Baltic Sea. Even more so this night, as Sweden wins the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). When we arrive in Stockholm the next morning, we find a country that is not only a musical top performer. On our search for the secret recipe, we visit the Riksdag, learn from Swedish youth organisations, and young people in the streets. After three days we conclude: Sweden may not be at the centre of Europe (both geographically and mentally), but it’s a great mix of patriotism, solidarity, and international engagement.

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Think perfect, think Finland

Blond beauties, fine yachts, and long summer days almost make us understand rising Finnish nationalism. But low levels of solidarity, segregational tendencies, and endless winter nights dampen that enthusiasm. 

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Russian schools, Baltic lessons

One thing Latvia and Estonia definitely have in common: Flat and sparsely populated landscapes along sandy coasts. So flat that the destinations our Latvian hitchhiker Kristina (whom we take from Riga northwards) wants to see most urgently are: Austria (Alps) and Norway (Fjords). In Estonian travel agencies, clients are allured with photos of the picturesque Alpine foothill of Bavaria. Beyond the common flatness, things are obviously more complicated. So don’t lump the two countries together. However, since we know that Riga is the capital of Latvia and Tallinn the one of Estonia, we feel confident that we won’t do so by writing one article about the two countries. 

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Plumbing Europe’s leaks – the rise of a nation

In the middle of the night on our way to Warsaw. Traffic lights on the motorway slow us down every other mile. Low volume Metronomy beats won’t wake up the others, but give the scene a scent of detached stillness. Warsaw will be the 16th capital on our journey, albeit distinct in one important aspect. Poland is a nation on the rise. An island of success in the blue sea with 12 yellow stars. The forecasted growth rate for 2012 is 2.5%, where Germany presents a meagre 0.6% and Greece a catastrophic -4.4%. We have seen how a stagnating or even shrinking economy can depress whole countries. Is the opposite true for a country with a constantly growing economy? Will Poland be full of happy faces beaming with pride?

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Cold Love

Read Damian’s op-ed on The European about Victor Orbán’s anti-EU sentiments and why this is partly our own fault.

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